Health insurance waiver for international students OUTSIDE Germany

November 20, 2020 / INFOTECH Office

International students who cannot enter Germany due to COVID-19 related causes and who are taking part in online classes from their home country can apply for a waiver of health insurance fees for the months until their arrival.

The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds informed the health insurances about their decision to waive the fees for international students that cannot enter Germany due to COVID-19 related causes but are taking online-classes from their home country. By law students enrolled at a german university - no matter their origin - are required to enter health insurance for the full semester starting with enrollment. Since students that take part in classes from their home country are not able to make use of the health care services, the fees for the months until their arrival in Germany can be waived/reimbursed to ensure fairness.

  • This is only possible for COVID-19 related causes
  • Health Insurance is still required by german law, only the fees are temporarily waived
  • Fees are waived by a form-free request to the health insurance for the time until the date of arrival. A proof is required (flight ticket, passport stamp or similar)
  • Fees can be reimbursed as well for students that arrived after the semester already started. Proof of the arrival date is required.

For further information please contact your health insurance office!



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