Intelligent Methods for Test and Reliability

Curated list of available modules for the specialization.
For students of year 2019 and further (PO 2019).

As described on the general curriculum page, all specializations follow the same structure only differing in the catalog of modules to choose from. The tables below show a curated listing of modules for your convenience, but the official module handbook on c@mpus always takes precedence.

Every specialization involves:

  • 1 Basic Module (6CP)
  • 10 Specialization Modules (each 6CP = 60CP) in roughly equal parts from computer science (CS) and electrical engineering (EE):

    • 2+ Core Modules from each CS and EE for a total of 30CP
    • 2+ Supplementary Modules from each CS and EE for a total of 30CP
  • 1 Research Project (15CP)
    The project may be replaced with a Seminar (3CP) plus two additional choices from the full catalog of core and supplementary modules (each 6CP)

  • 1 Lab Course (6CP)
  • 1 Non-Technical Module (3CP)
  • 1 Master Thesis (30CP)

There is a small set of supplementary modules that are only worth 3CP. A maximum of two 3CP modules can be picked for your studies, replacing one 6CP supplementary module.

Supplementary Modules recommended for the 1. semester are marked with .

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