Information about scholarships and other funding opportunities

Unfortunately, the INFOTECH office is not in the position to offer funding or scholarships directly for our students.  Here we hope to direct you in the direction of other opportunities.

The university has a site with links to multiple opportunities.  You can find it here.

An overview

The Sony Awards Program was launched to promote internationalization in education and research.
It targets outstanding students from the Faculty 5 international Master programs: Computer Science, Computational Linguistics, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology with the aim of rewarding them for their exceptional academic performance and to support their continued success in their study program.

The Awards consist of 3 Active Student Awards of 3000eur each and 1 Graduate Award of 1000eur.
There is no open call for applications. Eligible students are contacted directly.

Active Student Award

At the beginning of the winter semester eligible 3rd semester students will recieve an email informing them of their eligibility and what they need to do to apply.
The winners are then selected from those who submit an application in response to the email.  

The winners will be presented their awards during the Sony Award Ceremony with Meet & Greet.  Everyone is invited to attend. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about Sony Europe B.V. and the prospects gradutes have within the company. (Registration to the event in C@mpus is wished).

Graduate Award:

The winner of the Graduate award is selected from the top gradutes from the 4 international master programs.  Those eligible will be informed via email and asked to submit their application if they wish to be considered.  

The winner is presented with their award during their graduation ceremony.

The Deutschlandstipendium provides its recipients with a stipendium of 300eur per month for one year.

Applicants are not only assessed on their academic performance, but other factors such as 'soft' skills, and hardships are also taken into consideration. 

Application for the program is announced in January for funding that begins in April.
Please visit the website for more information.

The DAAD has an extensive scholarship database which can be found here.


This is a very limited list. If you know of any that we should include please let us know.

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