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INFOTECH is an admission-restricted program. It means that not all applications can be accepted. We have 80 seats and substantially more applications. Competition for the available seats is tough, please note the application requirements listed are the minimum needed to be considered. Academic performance in the Bachelor is the main selection criteria, taking into account university grading policies. Nationality, gender, race, scholarships and work experiences have no influence on the selection process.

The Program

The regular study time is 4 terms (semesters)/two years. For example, for an acceptance to PY19, the official start of the program is 01-Oct-2018 and the graduation would typically be around October 2020. A thorough description of the program can be found in the section Program Overview.
According to the current admission regulation, German proficiency is not an admission prerequisite. Nevertheless, INFOTECH supports students to acquire basic German language knowledge in cooperation with the Language Center at the University of Stuttgart. However, INFOTECH cannot guarantee a seat for a course.


We ask applicants to choose their preferred specialization (major) within the application forms, but this choice has no impact on the chances of admission. INFOTECH is an admission-restricted program, therefore the competition for seats is on the program level, not on the specialization level. All applications, no matter what specialization is given, compete for the same seats. The courses that can be taken for each specialization are defined in corresponding module catalogues (for both compulsory and supplementary modules).
The specialization can be changed until the first compulsory exam has been registered.


The entire application process is conducted via the Campus Management System (C@MPUS). If you have technical questions concerning C@MPUS please contact A manual for applying via C@MPUS is available here
Please note: although it is not needed to apply, you should plan to start the Visa process as soon as possible, as the process can take up to 4 months or more. 


The University of Stuttgart is not in a position to award any scholarships or provide financial support.
To learn more about scholarship programs in Germany, see for example the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) webpage or other organisations at the German Embassy in your home country. We have also collected some useful links in the Links Section of the INFOTECH Homepage.

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