Learn about the main characteristics of the Master program in Information Technology and its four majors (specializations).

General Information

INFOTECH (short for INFOrmation TECHnology) is an international, interdisciplinary (post) graduate Master's program provided by the Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Stuttgart.
The program is designed for graduate students with a B.Sc. or similar in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science/Applications or Automation or similar. All lectures and exams are in English.
INFOTECH aims to provide interdisciplinary education and training of fundamental methods and scientific skills for development and research in information technology in areas like
  • basic electronic and photonic components
  • computer and communication systems architectures
  • hardware and software design methodologies
  • communication networks
  • multimedia
  • vehicular, traffic and process control systems.
Reflected in the majors of the program INFOTECH is a very comprehensive and demanding 2-year (4 terms/semester) program with
INFOTECH offers a combination of courses from the
  • electrical engineering and
  • computer science field enriched with
  • non-technical courses
INFOTECH offers four specializations:
  • Communication Engineering and Media Technology
  • Embedded Systems Engineering
  • Computer Hardware/Software Engineering
  • Intelligent Methods for Test and Reliability
  • (Micro- and Optoelectonics was discontinued in PY2019)
The students will receive a Master of Science degree in Information Technology.
Requirements for receiving the degree:
  • Presentation of Bachelor Degree Certificate
  • Successful passing of all required examinations
  • Successful Master Thesis project


All universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg, the University of Stuttgart among them, charge tuition fees as of winter term 2017/18 for Non-European students by decision of the government of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg on 3 May 2017. For Non-European students EUR 1675.60 (as of winter 2017/18) are charged per term/semester (Including tution fees, administrative contribution and contribution to the student's service organization). For European students administrative contribution and contribution to the student's service organization of together EUR 175.60 are charged per term/semester.

The INFOTECH program has been approved by the senate of the University, recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Land of Baden-Wuerttemberg and is system accredited through the accreditation of the University of Stuttgart. It qualifies students for doctoral programs at German Universities. Upon request a personalized confirmation for the accreditation can be issued in case it is needed, e.g. when applying for an educational loan.

The INFOTECH Master Program was launched back in 1999. During 15 years of continuous operation the program has received thousands of applications for 80 seats/year and garnered around 600 graduates.

Over 80% of the graduates have achieved an overall average of their Master Degree examination of 'Good' or better. Many of our graduates continue their studies in doctoral degree programs (20% or more) or find employment in research and development (R&D), technical management or business sectors of industrial companies in Germany and around the globe.

INFOTECH is one of the many programs offered by the faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (IEI) of the University of Stuttgart.

Today IEI offers more than 220 lecture courses for 2700 students taught by 31 professors and 270 scientific staff members.

All lectures of the INFOTECH Curriculum are in English. Additional courses taught in German can be added. All courses are jointly attended by students from the INFOTECH Master Program and other, German language based, Master's Programs of IEI.

More information on the faculty, data and services can be found on the faculty information page.

The city of Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg, is the heart of the "Greater Stuttgart Region", one of the most prosperous and innovative regions in Europe.

INFOTECH follows the standard two semester (terms) structure:

  • the winter term (October 1 to March 31)
    with courses from mid October to mid February followed by ample time for exam preparation and the exams itself,
  • the summer term (April 1 to September 30)
    with courses from mid April to mid July followed by ample time for exam preparation and the exams itself.

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