Finding employment during your studies

Information that may aid you in your job search

Students are generally allowed to work up to ca. 20 hours per week during the semester to support themselves and gain experience. Non-EU students, please check what is stipulated in your residence permit regarding work limitations.

The most common jobs that students have are as research assistants (Hiwi) on campus or as work students in the industry.  Of course, other jobs in the public sector are also possible.

This site will give you some useful links and tips for finding work, if you wish to do so.

Types of employment

Research Assistant (Hiwi) Positions

Hiwi positions can most often be found with the Insitiute or department that is offering the position or on the official job site of the university.

You can find an overview of all the institutes in Faculty 5 here.  The Fraunhofer Insitute also often has Hiwi poisitions available.

The site Stellenwerk Stuttgart is the official site for job postings for the University.  It also includes private jobs.

Some key terms:
Wissenschaftliche/Studentische Hilfskraft  - Research assistant (Hiwi) 
Stellenanzeige  - Job posting
Studierendenjob  - Student job
Werkstudent  - work student 


Work Student Positions

These positions are found within a company.

Stellenwerk Stuttgart may have some listed, otherwise the best option is to check the company websites/job postings directly.
Some companies within the Stuttgart area:

- Daimler
- Porsche
- Bosch
- Nokia
- Sony
- Vector
- Mahle

General Job Opportunities

Besides the regular job sites, Stellenwerk Student is also a good source for general job postings.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn
StepStone: Stepstone
Stellenwerk: stellenwerk
Bundesagentur für Arbeit:



Some students choose to take a semester off to complete an internship.

Please note that an internship is not a part of the INFOTECH program and cannot be recognized towards your degree.
If you wish to do an internship you can take a leave of absence.
More information about taking a leave of absence can be found here.

The university's Career Service website also has information regarding internships. See here.

University Career Service

The university offers a career service for students and graduates.

You can find more information here.

It also provides information regarding mentoring opportunities for female students:
- StartScience
- FemTec

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