Research Project

A 15 credit written report which can be done within the University or in the industry.


The research project is a larger experimental or theoretical work graded after a written report. It equals a workload of 15 credit points to be carried out over one semester, preferably at a university institute, or (with additional restrictions, see attached information sheets) at an external institution. It is meant to provide an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge practically as a preparation for the master thesis. If no suitable topic is found, the project may be replaced by a seminar and two additional specialization modules (core or supplementary modules). A project report (in english) and a presentation of 20-30 minutes conclude the examination.

See the module in c@mpus here

Tips for finding a topic (from the Dean of Studies):

  • Do not send generic mass emails as they will most likely be ignored. Contact specific recipients directly and include 1-2 sentences in your email explaining why you think the institute/topic is a good fit based on your skills (eg. refer to relevant lectures/labs you have attended).
  • Provide information regarding the courses you have attended within the institute you are approaching including your performance. Not having taken a course from the institute greatly reduces your chances of finding a suitable project/topic there (so focus on approaching institutes where you have taken courses).
  • Approach the research staff first (especially those you may know from your courses); they tend to have the best overview of available projects/topics.

Important Notes

(not exhaustive, regulations in §23 PO19 are binding)

  • The timelimit to complete the research project is 6 months. This begins once the project is registered with the examination office.
  • The examiner must be from the Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the University Stuttgart
  • Research Projects are offered by an examiner (usually professor), but there is no right to be offered a project in an external institution
  • If the student proposes a custom project, the student has to select and approach an examiner, who ultimately makes the decision whether to accept it
  • The project is an examination and thus must not be paid
  • The project is not a mandatory internship, the INFOTECH office cannot issue a document stating equivalence to a mandatory internship
  • Projects at external institutions must meet certain quality assurances

Information Sheet for Students (english)
Information Sheet for External Institutions (german)

Registration Procedure

The research project cannot be registered via c@mpus and must be registered with the examination office directly using the exam registration form. Additionally, the examining professor/institute or institution can require further documents or contracts in their own process, so make sure to inquire this in advance when asking for a project.

Examination Name Research Project Information Technology
Examination No. 77351
Examiner <your examiner>
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