Services and Processes of the Examination Commission

Information about services offered by the examination commission.

Please send any requests or proposals to the exam commission via this email-address:

An extension of the Master Thesis can be requested through the Infotech Office if the claim is supported by a valid reason according to the Infotech regulations:

  • Medial Problems:
    The original form with the doctor's signature is required (translated if not in english/german)
  • Technical Problems:
    Hardware related issues. The professors signature is needed

The documents will then be sent to:

  1. The Examiner/Chairman of the Examination Commission
  2. The Chairman of the Examination Commission only

If you need to withdraw from an exam exceeding the '7-days-prior' rule, you need an official permission by the Chairman of the Examination Commission. You also need a permission of the Chairman to withdraw from the exam if you have already failed the exam.

Form for Declaration of Withdrawal

Fill in the Examination Date / Examination No (as seen in C@mpus) , the attempt and the full name of the module/examination and you personal details including your matriculation number

According to §5(6) Study Regulation 2019 (SREG 19):

  • An elective (Supplementary modules only!) which has not yet been passed may be changed on up to two occasions by making a declaration to the Examination Office.
  • This means the student is no longer obligated to retake examinations from the previous elective in those occasions.
  • This declaration can only be submitted providing the student has not yet lost the right for further examination for the Information Technology (INFOTECH) master’s degree program and has not yet passed all the examinations required to graduate. The previous module which was changed cannot be continued at a later stage.

If you cannot find a thesis topic in time you need to make a hand-written, signed request to the Chairman of the Examination Commission to assign you a Master thesis topic. In order to evaluate the situation you have to attach the document below where you list the Professors you have already contacted. Please make sure that you follow the steps as mentioned in the document. Don’t forget to add copies of the topics as they had been published by the respective institute.

Form for Topic Assignment by the Chairman

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