Important Dates

Timeline of the application process

Application over C@MPUS is only possible during the application period: November 15th  - February 15th (each year).
Admission is granted for the following wintersemeter.
Overview Deadline
Application period opens (via C@MPUS) every November 15th
Application period closes every February 15th
Admission Notification via Status in C@MPUS
(Admission Letters are directly downloadable via C@MPUS and valid without signature)
On or around May 1st
Preface: A basic principle of our education system is that applicants/students carry the responsibilty of fulfilling the application/degree requirements. Nothing is done automatically. The applicant or student has to take the initiative. The INFOTECH Office will support as much as possible, but are unable to make any decision on behalf of the applicant/student.

A few tips:
  • Deadlines are deadlines. There are no acceptable reasons for not keeping deadlines during the application process.
  • Admission to a German university only provides the right to take up studies and  - after fulfillment of all obligations of the study and examination regulations - receive the intended academic degree. It does not include anything further. Dormitories, scholarships etc. have to be requested separately, using defined procedures.
Here an overview of the typical sequence of actions and deadlines required during the application process:
Type of Activity Medium Activity (Applicant/Office) Deadline(s)
Application via C@mpus C@MPUS  Fill out application, upload necessary documents February of Program Year, see above.
Selection of candidates for Admission C@MPUS  Selection of candidates for Admission by the admission commission and Notification: Mid April  - beginning of May
Enrollment to University C@MPUS 

Payment of University fees, Sign up for health insurance

See Post-Acceptance information for further details.


Enrollment deadline is November 15th
Begin studies   Arrival in Stuttgart, Move into accommodations

Semester starts October 1st

Lectures start mid October


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