Become an INFOTECH Buddy

July 11, 2023

Help new INFOTECH students get their studies off to a good start and get to know your fellow INFOTECHler!

For the upcoming winter semester we are planning a support program for the incoming students.

Our goal is to help the new INFOTECH students get their studies off to a good start and provide INFOTECH students with opportunities to get to know and support each other.

To begin, we are looking to hire one INFOTECH student as a student assistant (Hiwi) to help coordinate the program. In addition, we will need volunteers (buddies) who are interested in helping out with, and participating in, the program.

More detailed information was sent out in an email on all INFOTECH students last week.
Please send your resume to letting us know if you are interested in taking part.
Deadline for applying for the Hiwi position is July 16th.  Deadline for registering as a buddy is August 6th.

Your support is greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. 


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