Registration for Computer Science Seminars, Labs and Practical Courses

February 22, 2024

SS 2024

An overview of the seminars, advanced seminars and lab courses / practical courses offered by the computer science department in summer 2024 can be found here:

You can register for seminars or advanced seminars in C@mpus.
Please note:

  • Spots are limited, i.e. don’t expect to get a regular spot if you sign up to the waiting list.
  • The registration for seminars and advanced seminars starts March 11 at 9 p.m. and ends on April 14, 2024

The registration for the lab courses takes place in ILIAS under Magazin -> Ingenieurwissenschaften -> Informatik -> Informatik-Marktplatz.
In this course there is a folder named " Seminaranmeldung / Seminar registration " and in this folder there is a subfolder:
Fachpraktika / Lab courses (Master) Sommer 2024

These folders are open for registration. The registration will run as follows:

  • You have to create a personal ranking list / chart for the laboratory courses, if you want to attend one.
  • This personal ranking list / chart (please name the list with your name) has to be uploaded in ILIAS. How exactly the chart has to look like is explained on the web page (see link above).
  • An algorithm will calculate the best mapping of the students to the laboratory courses, taking into account the individual ranking.
  • The registration (= upload the individual ranking chart) is possible until Monday, 05.03.2024.

After the registration is closed the algorithm will assign the students to the courses, taking into account the individual ranking for the respective course type. You will be informed about the results of the selection process via email. Afterwards the lecturers will receive the list of participants and then get in contact with then to talk about meetings and the offered topics. Please additionally check the web pages or the pdfs of the call of each course (if available) for possible further information.

Further important information

  • The exam registration has to be done by the students during the general exam registration period of the University of Stuttgart in the C@mpus system. You have to register for the advanced seminar or Lab course in your program and select the correct examiner. He / she is mentioned on the call of the course.
  • A de-registration from any of the courses is only possible until the end of the exam registration period and only after informing the lecturer about it. Any later de-registrations lead to a "fail" in the course. The de-registration as to be carried out online via the C@mpus system.


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