For Freshmen: Overview on Modules Recommended for the First Semester and Advanced Higher Mathematics

October 6, 2021 / Emna Eitel

Many of you are asking us how classes are going to take place in this winter semester. At least for the lectures which are either compulsory such as AHM, or recommended for the first semester, we provide here an overview with links to the corresponding modules on C@mpus. You will also find a link to the corresponding institutes' website with relevant news/articles.

Please note that except for AHM which is compulsory, the remaining modules are optional and are recommended in case students have deficits or knowledge gaps in the considered subject. This might be the case if for example students have a background in exclusively computer science or in electrical engneering.

Please make sure to register for the classes on C@mpus if interested and to always check the up-to-date modality (onsite/online), as some of the room assignments might still be preliminary.

If you will not be able to join us on time, please inform your lecturers accordingly in order to figure out fallback options, if possible, i.e. there's no guaranty that online classes/recordings will be provided. Lecturers will however do their best to allow for a trouble-free start in the semester!


Module Title  with Link to C@mpus ECTS Credits, compulsory/elective Link to Institute's Website Feedback from lecturer
Advanced Higher Mathematics 6, compulsory IDSR

Lectures online via Webex, synchronously 

Exercise classes in presence

Computer Architecture and Organization 6, elective ITI

Lectures in presence


group 1: synchrounously online

group 2: in presence

refer to detailed description in C@mpus

Operating Systems 6, elective IAAS in presence
Communications 6, elective INÜ online with possibility to meet the lecture. See Institute's link
Electronic Circuits 3, elective INT in presence
Radio Frequency Technology: Introduction 3, elective IHF in presence


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!




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