IBM Female Mentoring Program

December 26, 2021

IBM again offers an exclusive female mentoring program for our female students.

  • You can get in contact with female staff members working the industries, discuss your questions and maybe get some advices.
  • You will have the possibility to attend workshops concerning  learning techniques or writing an application or regarding modern coaching methods.
  • There will as well be RoundTables with female staff members from different fields of activity.

This program successfully runs for more than 2 years now. And offers the possibility to get in contact with a well-known enterprise from the regions which is known world-wide as well. Additionally you will be mentored by women who work with IBM and thus have passed the processes that may lie in front of you when you plan to start in the industries after your study program.

Interested in the mentoring program? Then, please apply for the Female Talent Network (see  the attached flyer) and put a mark at the mentoring option. IBM will then get in contact with you. The application deadline for the year 2022 is on January, 31, 2022.

In case of any questions regarding the program please contact:

Birgit Kuhn
Manager, Top Talent Center / Program Lead HighPotentials@IBM
+49 172 740 9594



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