New Corona Regulations starting Monday 29th

November 27, 2021 / INFOTECH Office

Starting Monday, November 29th there are new regulations for attending university courses in person or for using the study rooms.

There will be no more CampUSTickets handed out for negative tests, those who do not fulfill the 2-G-status cannot attend in person (exception: mandatory practical courses). If you belong to those who do not fulfill the 2-G-status, please contact your lecturers and ask about the option of online courses. You are entitled to at least digital distance learning formats to ensure you can continue your studies. Under the new regulations the 2-G-status will be checked more strictly and violations can be punished as as administrative offenses as this ordinace follows state law.

The study rooms of the Computer Science Department (the Info-Bib 0.008 and the silent study room 0.114) will stay open. However, there will be some restrictions from Monday on:

  • Study rooms can be used only when you have the 2-G-status. Nobody without 2-G is allowed to enter the room.
  • The opening hours will change: The rooms are open only between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. All reservations at other times will be deleted.
  • We will have to check who is in that room at any booking slot. We as well have to check that everybody follows the regulations.
  • You can book a place in the study room only until the start of the time slot you want to book.

Please clean the desk you are using at the beginning of your stay in the study room. This is for your own health.

Please follows the regulations. Otherwise we might have to soon close the study rooms.


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