STUBE Weekend Seminar in December

November 14, 2021 / INFOTECH Office

STUBE stands for academic accompanying program for and by students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. STUBE is a development-related completion to professional studies offering weekend seminars, study days, excursions and workshops covering various interesting topics. Financial support for a development aid career-oriented internship or research in the native country (BPSA) is also available. For more information visit

(If you do not speak perfect German, but your understanding of German is good enough to follow the seminar, you are highly welcome to participate in German seminars. You may give your contributions in Englisch)

In December 2021 STUBE-BW offers the following seminar (in german):

Nachhaltige Entwicklung – wie können wir klima- und ressourcenschonend leben und wirtschaften?
3. – 5. Dezember 2021 |  Weil der Stadt

The participation fee is 15 € per person and includes the costs for the seminar, boarding and lodging.

Charges for transportation within the region of Baden-Württemberg (public transportation 2nd class, no IC/ICE/EC) for STUBE students shall be covered by STUBE. Potentially the seminar will take place online instead.

Please register here for the respective seminar:


Best regards and looking forward to getting to know you!!

Angelika Weber (STUBE-Coordinator)
0711 – 229363 216


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