Job Offer: Writers needed for the USUS blog!

June 4, 2021 / INFOTECH Office

In 2015, the University of Stuttgart published the first entries of the USUS blog. There is both a German and an English version of the blog. University Communications is looking for writers for the English blog who enjoy writing and who have excellent English skills.

The USUS blog is looking for writers!

  • The blog posts are all written "by students for students" and the target groups are international students and international prospective students.
  • The subjects covered focus on what happens "aside" from uni, so everything from leisure time to "after uni", including searching for a job, jobs etc.
  • The uni's University Communications suggests the topics. But the authors are also allowed and encouraged to think for themselves and to suggest ideas for possible topics.
  • The posts are from 3,000 - 6,000 characters.
  • The writers send us the completed post as a word document (or another text program) and the University Communications department is responsible for adding the content to the CMS. Only very minimal editorial revision is undertaken.
  • We pay on a fee basis, i.e., the writers submit an invoice listing the hours worked. We pay €11/h. In our experience, it takes between 4-10 hours to write a blog post - depending on effort required and the length.

We ask anyone interested in writing for us to send us a short application (just a couple of sentences with your personal information) to



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